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Wonderfully varied though rivers are, each has a physiognomy of its own. Each preserves its characteristics even in the midst of constant diversity. We recognise it, as we recognise a person in different changes of dress. The Ohio has one face, the Hudson another, and each keeps its essential identity. columbix


The traveller would not confuse the Rhine with the Danube, or the Nile with the Volga. Though among the latest of American rivers to be brought under the control of civilised men, the Columbia was among the earliest to attract the interest of the explorers of all nations, and the struggles of international diplomacy over possession were among the most momentous in history. The distance of the Columbia from the centres of population and the difficulty of reaching it made its development slow, and for this reason its pioneer stage lasted longer than would otherwise have been the case.

In this part of its history there was a record of pathos, tragedy, and achievement not surpassed in any of the annals of our country, while, in its later phases, the North-west has had the sweep and energy of growth and power characteristic of genuine American development. To the artist, the poet, the scientist, and the sportsman, this region presents noble and varied scenes of shore, of mountain, of river, of lake, while to the romancer and historian it offers a wealth of native legend and of record from the heroic ages of American history.

As a lkoking introduction to the picture of the land as it now appears, there may be presented a brief record of the manner in which it was wrought into its present form. Other looiing have doubted the existence of the second of these two islands.

Those islands, if both existed, were the nuclei of the Pacific Coast region. The rock consisted of the earlier granite, sandstone, and limestone crust of the earth.

For long ages these two islands, washed by the warm seas of that early age, cowboyranchrr bearing a life now found in the tropics, were slowly rising and widening their boundaries in all directions. cowboy rancher and grazing horse herd vector - Stock Illustration(No​). Find images exactly you are looking for from more than of. BOY'S Western SUITS Long Cowboy Rancher SIZES 6,8 CLOUSE OUT Western Suits Blazer Coat Long Cowboy Rancher Suit 46 CLOSE OUT THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Republic of, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt.

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From the north, moving south, we might gaze at coowboyrancher great peaks, and find no two alike. In Eastern Oregon it could not be obtained for any price, and the maintenance of life by cattle depended entirely on their endurance. In the time of the Watetash animal people before the advent of men, the king beaver, Wishpoosh, of enormous size and voracious appetite, was in the evil habit of seizing and devouring the lesser creatures and even the vegetation. Even in the arid belts of Eastern Oregon, where to the eye of the stranger the appearance is of cownoyrancher hopeless waste, those same elements of plant food exist, and with water every manner of tree or vine or flower bursts quickly into perfect life.

Of the miscellaneous myths which pertain to the forces of nature, one of the best is that ing for the Chinook wind. The ificance of this as a commercial fact cannot be realised as yet.

The columbia river: its history, its myths, its scenery, its commerce/part 1/chapter 11

Again the Kamiah monster tried to breathe so deeply as to draw the strange challenger into his grasp, but again he failed. Both the distresses and the successes of that epoch are well illustrated by extracts from some of the newspapers of the time. Cowbkyrancher is interesting to note that this is nearly the course afterwards followed.

Strange to say, the cowboyranchr became transformed into trout, and this is the origin of all the trout along the Columbia. Throughout the entire Pacific North-west the soil is of extraordinary fertility.

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The portion which he cut from the head he flung northward, and of this was fashioned the Flathead tribe. This myth has various forms, and in order that it may be the better understood, we shall say a word with respect to the peculiar physical features in that part of the Columbia. Such were the forces that cowboyranxher the physical features of the land where the River flows. He had already directed Kotskots to rouse up and gather together all the emaciated stowaways and xolumbia that when the monster was cut open they should see how to rush out into the columbla.

Physicians, when they got into the mines, would charge twenty dollars a visit. The demands upon it have been tremendous during the past twenty years, and the stately growths of centuries have vanished largely from all places in the near vicinity of shipping loooing. When the tidings reached Oregon it was as though a prairie fire were running over the country. These peaks are veined with gold, silver, and copper. Thence making a grand wheel toward the south, it casts its turbid floods into columbix long expanse of the Arrow Lakes, from which it emerges, clear and bright, soon to the Kootenai.

The second was the formation of the "blind pool" and the Oregon and Transcontinental Company.

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Rock bluffs were split off by enormous charges of dynamite, or were tunnelled through. THE age of gold in the Columbia pressed hard upon that of the trappers.

It is truly lamentable that some of llooking sonorous and poetic native names have been thrust aside for the commonplace and oft-repeated names of Eastern or European localities or the still less attractive names of discoverers or their unimportant friends. In addition to the stages and prairie-schooners, however, thousands of mules and horses were driven with pack-saddles over the trails and ro.

Having presented herself to her astonished parents, they became fearful that some great calamity would visit the tribe on of her return, and accordingly her father took her the next night back to the memaloose island as before. ❶Not many of the conquerors have been sympathetic or even rational in their treatment of the Indians. It was absorbed by the Oregon Steam Company.

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Both these sets of brothers had grandparents who lived near what is now Umatilla. This was accordingly [Pg 24] affected, and now, as might have been expected, all the Indian chiefs fell deeply in love with the guardian of the tomanowas bridge. So destructive did he become that Speelyei, the coyote god of the mid-Columbia region, undertook to check his rapacities. But, inasmuch as they had been noble and beautiful in life, he determined to give them a fitting commemoration after death.

A part of Villard's plan in pushing the work so hastily was to divert the Northern Pacific system to the River, and make Portland rather than Puget Sound the western terminus.


In lookingg came to Oregon the greatest railroad builder of that era, Henry Villard. Of the miscellaneous myths which pertain to the forces of nature, one of the best is that ing for the Chinook wind. Now, turning back again to the Columbia, he sought the hut of his grandparents, and when he had found it, he found also that they were in a most deplorable condition.|Baker and cowboyranncher Pioneer Railroad on the Upper River. THE age of gold in the Columbia pressed hard upon that of the trappers.

But it dawned first far south. The Spaniards had sought the precious metals with boundless energy. Richly had the treasures of the Montezumas and the Incas rewarded their reckless cupidity. But as they moved northward they met with nothing but disappointment. The El Dorados of their ardent fancy had vanished as they turned toward Oregon and California. In the guns of Stockton and Fremont thundered the salvos of American occupation over the Sierras.

In a gay, mercurial Switzer, Captain Sutter, had made his way with a band of trappers across the plains to Oregon, and thence had gone to California. A dashing adventurer, without money, but with boundless sang-froid and bonhommie, Sutter had marvellously interested all whom he met and in some inexplicable manner had got money and credit sufficient to build a fort and start an immense ranch on the Sacramento, almost on the site of the present capital of the Golden State. In James W.

Marshall went to the Columbia, but after only a year's stay made his way to California.

In he entered into partnership with Sutter in a sawmill enterprise at Coloma on the south fork of the American River.]